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  Powermaster Industrial Combustion Burners  
December 3, 2002               

Attn : To whom it may concern


      As of November 8, 2002. L&L Boiler Maintenance, Inc. has acquired all the inventory, forms, patterns, original files, and original drawings from Powermaster Pacific Products in Harrisburg, PA.

      We will be able to furnish most of the Powermaster - Pacific ( Orr & Sembower ) boiler & burner parts consisting of, but not limited to, complete tube sheets, sections of tube sheets, refractory shapes, front & rear insulating board, rear door frames, insulating brick, nozzle parts, blower wheels, air compressors, oil pumps, modulating oil valves, modulating gas valves, ignition assemblies, and manhole plates assemblies from the original specifications & drawings.

      Please provide the Serial Number of the boiler for which the parts you are inquiring about.

      We will try to continue supplying top quality equipment that has been furnished by Powermaster Pacific Products for so many years.


      L&L Boiler Maintenance, Inc.

Bruce A. Miller